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Irene B. Tejada
Regent's Proceedings 15

Irene B. Tejada, assistant professor of art in the School of Art and assistant
professor of education in the School of Education, retired from active faculty
status on May 31, 1989, after 37 years of service.

Professor Tejada received her B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan University
in 1941 and her M.Des. Degree from the University of Michigan in 1942.
She then completed advanced work in library science. Professor Tejada
began her career at the University of Michigan in 1952 as a staff artist in the
Audio Visual Education Center. In 1955, she became art teacher at the
University School, a position she held until the school closed in 1970. She
attained the rank of instructor in education in 1964, assistant professor of
education in 1974, and assistant professor of art in 1983. Before beginning
her work at the University of Michigan, she had taught at West Virginia
State College and had been an art teacher and art supervisor at schools in
Detroit, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

As an instructor of art education for teachers, Professor Tejada believed that
the quality and substance of "kiddie art" should equal that of the most
advanced painting courses. She is also an expert on the use of indigenous
materials in the production of arts and crafts, and has a special interest in the
use of a wide variety of seeds in making graphic designs and ornaments. She
is expert also on multi-ethnic art techniques in the elementary school grades.
Professor Tejada held memberships in the National Art Education
Association, Michigan Art Education Association, the Ann Arbor Art
Association, Handweavers of America, Puppeteers of America, and Delta
Kappa Gamma.

At the University School, Professor Tejada was extremely well regarded
both by her colleagues and by parents, who would attempt to enroll their
children in University School at birth so that they could have Professor
Tejada as a teacher. She initiated an arts festival, which featured
achievements of students in art, music, industrial arts, and homemaking. Her
students' artwork was used in the production of a videotape for teachers
illustrating what school-age students can achieve. Professor Tejada's high
expectations for all students elicited artistic results that met those
expectations, and many of her students have made successful careers in the
art world. Her devoted following of former University School students still
seek her out to tell her of their accomplishments and to renew their close
friendships with her. An outstanding artist and graphic designer, her work
has brought accolades from many quarters.

The Regents now salute this distinguished faculty member for her exemplary
career by naming Irene B. Tejada Assistant Professor Emeritus of Art and
Assistant Professor Emeritus of Education.