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The Tappan Bible

Henry Philip Tappan
The Michigan Alumnus 369-379

The Tappan Bible

The University has received
 from Gabriel Campbell, '65, professor of philosophy in Dart
mouth College, the family Bible of 
Dr. Henry P. Tappan. The book 
is an octavo of 1214 pages, and was 
printed for the American Bible
 Society, in 1834, as a third edition. 
It is still in good condition, except 
for a slight break in the cover at 
the back. 

The most interesting thing about 
the volume is the family record in 
Dr. Tappan's handwriting. Dr.
Tappan's marriage is noted thus: —

Henry P. Tappan


Julia Livingston

April 17th, 1828

By Revs. Dr. Perrine of

Auburn Theo. Sera. 

Under the heading "Births" 
appear these entries: —

Caroline, Nov. 11th, 1829

John Livingston, Aug. 5th, 1831

Anna Lydia, Nov. 22nd, 1832

Rebecca Lloyd, May 27th, 1836

Anne DeWitt, May 22nd, 1838

The last page gives a touching
 picture of the sorrow that came to
 the family. Here stands written: —

Caroline, March 6th, 1831

Anna Lydia, Aug. 29th, 1833

Anne DeWitt. Dec. 7th, 1843

"And He took them up in his arms, 
put his hands upon them, and blessed
 them." Mark X 16

"Oh! when a Mother meets on high

The Babes she lost in infancy, 

Hath she not then, for pains and fears, 

The day of woe, the watchful night, 

For all her sorrow, all her tears, 

An overpayment of delight?"