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Guy Montrose Whipple
The Michigan Alumnus 76-93

Guy Montrose Whipple, who comes to the staff of the Educational 
Department of the University as Professor of Experimental Education and 
Director of the Bureau of Tests and Measurements, was born in Danvers, 
 Massachusetts, June 12, 1886.

After his graduation from Brown Univer
sity, in 1897, he studied at Clark University for one year where he was
 scholar and Assistant in Psychology. He received his doctorate from Cor
nell University in 1900 after two years service as Assistant in Psychology.

In 1902 he became Lecturer in Science and Art of Education at Cornell
 where he remained on the teaching staff until 1914, holding respectively the
 positions of Assistant Professor of Science and Art of Education, and As
sistant Professor of Educational Psychology. He was called to the Uni
versity of Illinois in 1914 to become Associate Professor of Education being 
advanced to the Professorship of Education the following year. He re
signed, however, in 1918, to accept the Professorship of Applied Psychology 
and Acting Directorship of the Bureau of Salesmanship Research at the 
Carnegie Institute of Technology. This position he resigned to become
 Professor of Experimental Education at the University of Michigan.

Professor Whipple has written several books; "Guide to High School
 Observation;" "Questions in General and Educational Psychology," 
"Questions in School Hygiene," "Manual of Mental and Physical Tests;" 
"How to Study Effectively;'' "Classes for Gifted Children," and some 
sixty-five magazine articles. He has also published two translations; 
"Mental Fatigue" (from the German of M. Offner) and "Psycholo
gical. Methods Testing Intelligence'' (From the German of W Stern)

Professor Whipple is a member of the Psychology Committee of the Nation
al Research Council, and during the war served on the Sub-Committee on
 the Mental Examination of Recruits.

He is a member of the honorary 
societies of Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Phi Delta Kappa. Kappa Delta Pi, and of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He is also a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, of the American
 Psychological Association, of the National Education Association, and
 of the National Society for the Study of Education, of which he is secretary and treasurer.

Professor Whipple was married on September 4, 1901, 
to Clarice Johnson Rogers. They have had three children, Philip M. Whipple, 
 who died in infancy, Richard R. Whipple, and Guy M. Whipple, Jr.