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Durand William Springer
The Michigan Alumnus 76-93

Durand William Springer, who has been appointed Superintendent of
 the Homoeoathic Hospital, was born August 9, 1866, at Durand, Wis

He graduated from Albion College, and afterward took special
 work in Government and Finance at the University of Michigan. He was 
chairman of the committee, which secured the Michigan law governing cer
tified public accountants and was the first President of the Michigan Asso
cation. He gave the first three courses in Accounting offered by the Uni
versity when the courses in Business Administation were established.

tween 1887 and 1889, Mr. Springer acted as Director of the Commercial 
department at Albion, accepting in 1889 a similar position at the Cleary
 Business College in Ypsilanti. In 1893, he came to Ann Arbor to act in 
the same capacity at the Ann Arbor High School, a position he held until 1909, when he went to Detroit to organize the Detroit High School of Com
merce, becoming its first director. He again returned to Ann Arbor in
1912 as Principal of the High School, but resigned in 1913, as he had been
 elected Secretary of the National Education Association, which position 
he held until 1917.

Mr. Springer published a Monograph on Commercial 
Education in 1904, the Michigan C. P. A. Manual in 1915, and has also con
tributed to commercial and accounting magazines. 

During the period of the war, Mr. Springer was Educational Director 
at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, being attached to the Army Y. M. C. A. 
 from September, 1917, to October, 1918, when he became Educational Direc
tor for the Central War Department with headquarters in Chicago. In
 April of 1919, he was appointed Special Agent in Commercial Education 
for the Division of Rehabilitation of the Federal Board for Vocational Ed
ucation with headquarters at Washington, and remained with that body 
until August of 1919. 

Mr. Springer has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Albion
 College since 1907; Secretary of the University Musical Society since 1904; 
Secretary of the Michigan State Board of Accountancy since 1913. He was 
a member of the General Conference of the Methodist Church in 1904 and
 1908; Trustee of the Methodist Book Concern from 1908 to 1912; Mem
ber of the Committee on Education, American Institute of Accountants, 
1907-08, 1918-19; Trustee, Detroit Technical Institute, 1911-12; Member 
Board of Education, Ann Arbor, 1913-1918; Chairman Ann Arbor Char
ter Commission, 1916-17.

Mr. Springer was married in 1890 to Miss Har
riet Lazell.