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Dewitt H. Parker
The Michigan Alumnus 75-85

DeWitt Henry Parker, who became with the present year Assistant Pro
fessor of Philosophy, was born April 17, 1885, in New York City.

His edu
cation was obtained at Harvard University, where he received the A.B. degree in 1906, and the Ph.D. degree two years later. In 1908 he came to the University as instructor in Philosophy, and the following year he held the same position at the University of California. In 1910 he returned to the instructorship at Michigan, where he has since remained.

Professor Parker is the author of two articles, "Knowledge and Volition," published in the Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods, Vol. VII, No.
22, 1910; and "The Metaphysics of Historical Knowledge," which forms Vole. II, No. 5, Feb. 4, 1913, of the University of California Publications in Philosophy.

He was married June 24, 1909, and has one son, DeWitt W., 
born September 4, 1910.