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Charlotte Irene Hayner
Regents' Proceedings 399

Charlotte Irene Hayner, Associate Professor of Library Science, and nationally known authority on school librarianship and children's books, has been granted permission to retire from the active faculty at the end of the past University year.

Miss Hayner was born in Brunswick, New York, in 1896 and earned her baccalaureate in arts with distinction at Cornell University in 1917. After a brief but various experiences as a high school teacher, she completed a course in library science at the New York State Library School in 1924 and came straight to Ann Arbor as librarian of the new University High School. In that post she remained for twenty-one years, with stints of summer teaching at the New York State Library School and at Syracuse University. In 1945 she joined the library science faculty of the University of Minnesota. In 1954 she returned to The University of Michigan on a visiting appointment and in the following year accepted the associate professorship, which she is now relinquishing.

Having a persuasive personality and a comprehensive knowledge of her specialty, she has been a lively and sensitive teacher and an incisive consultant to school and public libraries in all parts of Michigan. Gifted also as a speaker and chairman of deliberative bodies, she further enjoyed a long and profitable career in professional associations, having served in the year just past as president of the Michigan Association of School Librarians.

The Regents of the University join Miss Hayner's colleagues in expressing warm appreciation for her distinguished services to librarianship both within the University and throughout the state. Appointing her Associate Professor Emeritus of Library Science, they cordially extend to her the privileges of emeritus rank.