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Carl Vernon Tower
The Michigan Alumnus 74-78

Carl Vernon Tower, who comes to 
the University as Assistant Professor
 of Philosophy, was born at Dayton, 
Ohio, Dec. 14, 1869. His early education from 1875 to 1885 was received 
at Cooper Academy at Dayton, while 
his later education and preparation 
for college was received at Deaver's 
Collegiate Institute of the same city.

He was admitted on examination to 
Brown University with the class of
 1892, but owing to severe illness did 
not enter college regularly until the 
following year. He was graduated 
from Brown with the degree of A.B.
 in 1893 and spent the following two
 years in graduate study at Brown, where he received his Master's degree 
in 1895. He then remained as instruc
tor in philosophy for one year, when 
he received a Fellowship in the Sage
 School of Philosophy at Cornell, 
 where he received his Doctor's de
gree in 1896. He came to the Univer
sity of Michigan in 1898 as instructor 
in philosophy, a position that he held 
for two years when he returned to 
the East, becoming a graduate stu
dent and assistant to the President at 
Clark University in 1900.

In 1901 
he became Professor of Philosophy at 
Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., and the 
following year he received the call to 
the University of Vermont to take a 
similar position, which he held until 
1909, when he was recalled to the
 University of Michigan. The summer
 of 1904 he spent in Europe with his 
family. The period from October, 1908, to 1909 was spent in Europe, 
 chiefly at Gottingen, Germany, on
 leave of absence. He has written a 
number of reviews and several arti
cles treating of various aspects of the