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Alfred Henry Lloyd
Regents' Proceedings 215

By the death of Alfred Henry Lloyd, which took place unexpectedly on May 11, 1927, the Regents of the University of Michigan have lost a valued colleague and a friend for whom they had both respect and regard.

In his thirty-six years of service to the University of Michigan, Dr. Lloyd gave not only his wisdom as a teacher, investigator, and author, and his skill as an administrator; his whole life was distinguished by gentleness, humanity, and integrity in everything he said and did; the example of his quiet, steadfast, but always courageous spirit as he dwelt here was a thing beyond all price and value to this community.

Largely to Dr. Lloyd, the second Dean of the Graduate School of this University is due the wise administration of that division, the fostering of scholarly work done under its auspices, and the development of a School of which the University may justly be proud.

As Acting President of the University of Michigan, from February to October 1925, Dr. Lloyd guided wisely and well the affairs of the institution during a time beset with peculiar difficulties. In token of their respect for Dean Lloyd and their sincere grief at his sudden and untimely death, the Regents have adopted the following resolution:

RESOLVED, That in the death of Alfred Henry Lloyd, Professor of Philosophy, Dean of the Graduate School, and sometime Acting President of the University of Michigan, the Regents of the University of Michigan mourn the loss of a great and inspiring man and teacher, one whose services have been of the highest order, and one whose place in this community can never be adequately filled.

And Be It Further Resolved, That these minutes be incorporated in the Proceedings of the Regents, and that a copy thereof be sent to Mrs. Lloyd and her family, together with the sincere sympathy of this Board.

The Regents directed that the salary of the late Dean Alfred H. Lloyd be paid to Mrs. Lloyd until the end of the present academic year, and they further approved the application for a widow's pension for Mrs. Lloyd, which had been forwarded by the Secretary to the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.