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Alexander Grant Ruthven
The Michigan Alumnus 56

Alexander Grant Ruthven, Assist
ant Professor of Zoology, was born in
 Hull, Iowa, April 1882.

In 1903 he 
graduated from Morningside with the
 B.S. degree; his Ph.D. is from Mich
igan, 1906. He has held the following 
positions in the University of Michigan: Instructor in Zoology and Cura
tor of Museum, 1906-1910; Instructor 
in Zoology and Head Curator of Mu
seum, 1910-1911; Chief Field Natur
alist Michigan Geological and Biolog
ical Survey, since 1908. Professor
 Ruthven is a member of Sigma Xi, American Association for the Ad
vancement of Science, Michigan
 Academy of Science, American Associations of Museums, The Museum
 Association (Great Britain), Associa
tion of American Geographers, New
 York Zoological Society, and Ameri
can Society of Zoologists.

His publi
cations are to be found in Michigan
 Academy of Science, Biological Bulle
tin, Report of Geological Survey, American Nation, Museum, and Iowa
 Academy of Science.

Professor Ruth
ven married Miss Florence Hagle.