Mini Grant Momentum Panel

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February 13, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Hatcher Graduate Library, Clark Library Instructional Space, 2nd Floor
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Mini Grant Momentum
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Join us to hear about work being done by students on campus—work that is made possible through Library student mini grants and pairing students with a Library mentor. Today's speakers:

Broghan Sagers — Small World, Big Thicket
I am working with the Big Thicket National Preserve in Texas to invite Texans to experience and unite around the land that represents their history and future. By introducing the community to Big Thicket and the opportunities  on the preserve represent one side of the project’s mission. The innovative goal is to take the preserve to the people; instead of relying on people coming to the preserve, the preserve will take a more active role in the community outside of Big Thicket. The promotion of environmental stewardship and fostering of a community could ultimately spread to after-school education programs or exhibits at the library. The preserve itself will reach out reach out via social media, newspapers, and the national park rangers to find what the community wants to learn or share about Big Thicket National Preserve. By working in this collaborative manner, Big Thicket National Preserve will spread and strengthen ties between itself and local organizations, businesses, schools, libraries, and individuals. The preserve will change from the only entity attempting to create community ties to a point in an interconnected community working collaboratively; a single community that encompasses the preserve and those who live around it.

Stephanie Brown — Return the Melanin: Project Yashaya
Project Yashaya will re-imagine society’s understanding of what Jesus looked like by mass producing a visual image of him based on research in various fields. Yashaya means “My Saviour” in Hebrew. Zondervan Bible Dictionary confirms, Hebrews named their children based on a particular position, function, or relationship. My graduate thesis work is rooted in black representation. For this project I am interested in restoring empowerment to black populations by providing them an alternative perspective of the representation of religious figures. I plan on working with divinity scholars and library specialists in addition to researching texts outside of the biblical canon. I will work with an illustrator and a painter to create a new image of Jesus based on the research I will collect. I will then work with a graphic designer to transform the image into stickers, buttons, and posters that will be available and free to the public. These images will be sent to various cities, where they can be distributed to communities as well as left in public places to be found by the general population.

D Wang Zhao — Turnable Clothing for Trans & Nonconforming Folx
I’m creating a modular garment for trans, non-binary, agender, non-conforming folx* that can be adjusted by the wearer based on how they wish to present throughout the day. As a trans and gender non-binary person, I am constantly aware of how my presentation changes other’s perceptions of my gender, how they should/can interact with me, and which spaces I can/can’t have access to. As federal protections for trans folx are being rescinded by our current administration, I hope to offer at least one solution for them. I want to conceptualize a way for folx to feel comfortable in the clothing they have on and give them the tool to change their presentation with just what they have on.
Through my in-person interviews with other trans folx, key issues that were addressed included the respectability politics of dress and style, as well as the decision to wear validating outfits vs to dress to be more “passing*” or “safely.”

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