DNA Origami

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November 29th, 2017 through January 12th
Hatcher Graduate Library, Gallery (Room 100)
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Get a visual glimpse of the future of biotechnology and cutting-edge research methods in Biophysics with this exhibit that showcases unusual nanoscopic scale images created by students in the Biophysics DNA Origami class.

The DNA Origami course explores the theory and methods behind synthetic biology, focusing on one particular technology called DNA origami, which uses folded DNA as building blocks to construct nano-scale objects via self-assembly. As part of the fall LSA Bicentennial theme semester, the course culminates with this public display of visualizations of the student's results.

Presented as part of the LSA Bicentennial Theme Semester "Michigan Horizons" with generous support from the University of Michigan Bicentennial Theme Courses Subcommittee.

The Library will be closed December 23 to January 1.

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Bridget Kennedy bakenned@umich.edu
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