Black Histories of Radical Reproductive Justice Activism

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February 7th through March 31st
Hatcher Graduate Library, North Lobby
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Reproductive justice activism, spearheaded by women of color, expands the definition of reproductive rights.  Reproductive justice activists demand the right to choose to have children or to not have children, to have a safe birth, and the right to raise a healthy family.  This exhibit explores the history of African American women and reproductive health, as well as African American women's attempts to control their own reproductive destiny and to create a healthy environment for themselves, their children and their communities. 

Exhibit designed by students Jewel Drigo, Alyssa Erebor, Kelly Kacan, Mahal Lee Stevens, and Brianna Wells. Funding and support from the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, The History Department, and the University of Michigan Library.

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Bridget Kennedy
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