Aboard the Nautilus with Cpts. Smith & Nemo: a cartographic journey through the worlds of Jules Verne

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Date & Time
January 17, 2019 - 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Hatcher Graduate Library, Clark Library, 2nd Floor
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Third Thursday in the Clark Library
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Open House

Step aboard our hot air balloon as we set off for the Mysterious Island, plot a course for the center of the Earth, and follow the Nautilus to the depths of the sea. Join us as we map the life and literary works of the Father of Science Fiction, Jules Verne. Examine moon maps, study the bottom of the ocean, peruse maps of steamship routes, investigate the layers of the Earth, and look for the Mysterious Island. We will also feature maps of important locales from Jules Verne’s own life, including Nantes, Paris, and Amiens. Step into the fantastic world of Jules Verne with us.

Third Thursday is a monthly open house that showcases the highlights of the Clark Library’s vast collection. These fun, thematic events are open to everyone, offering the community a look at some of our favorite maps and other materials.

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Tim Utter tutter@umich.edu
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