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This contract is between one weaver and another. The first weaver does not want to train his son himself, and sends him to a colleague for a year's work. The reason he doesn't do train his son himself is not entirely clear- it may be a matter of personal preference, or there may have been a law against it.

Pausiris, son of Ammonios and Apollonios, son of Apollonios, weaver, have agreed between them that Pausiris has bound his son Dioskus, who is still under age, apprentice to Apollonios in order to learn the whole weaver’s trade, as he also knows it himself, for the period of one year from the present day, whilst he shall perform and do everything which he is told to do. Apollonios has received for the boy, who is clothed and dressed by the weaver for the duration of the whole period, fourteen drachmas for clothing and Pausiris shall give him five silver drachmas a month for his food. And the said Pausiris, the father,, must not take the boy away from the master within the period. If he does not perform all the tasks, he must pay the master one silver drachma for each day that he does not do his duty or he shall send him to stay on the equal number of days and the penalty for taking the boy away within the period agreed on is a hundred drachmas and an equal sum to the treasury. Should the master fail to instruct the boy, he shall pay the same fine. The indenture is valid. The thirteenth year of Tiberius Caesar Augustus Germanicus Imperator, [ . (.)] Thoth [ . . . . . .

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