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This astrological treatise records information about the movements of the planets. It is not an original work, but rather a compilation of information excerpted from other sources. Sometimes these sources come into conflict, and it is not clear that the person who compiled the volume understood the sources he was using. A portion of the text is given in translation below:

...Of the fore parts the sphere of the Sun [should be considered] first, for [Saturn and the Sun have] the smallest variation in latitude; it is, then, in size 2 1/2°, that is, 150', for the degree contains 60'; the moon's is 6°, or 360'; that of Saturn 10°, or 600'; that of Jupiter 13° 45'; next, Mercury's sphere is 21° 15' or 1275'; and the sphere of Mars is 42°, or 2520'. The sphere of Venus is the largest, exceeding the breadth of the circle of the zodiac, in which the divinity is exalted and depressed; her sphere, then, is 48° or 2880'. Such is the circuit of their orbits; and by this...

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