Editorial and Curatorial Practices and the Web

The Labadie Collection in collaboration with The Emma Goldman Papers Project (University of California, Berkeley); The Margaret Sanger Papers, (New York University); and The Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Papers Project, (Rutgers University) has been awarded a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation to support the development of new methods of sharing internal editor’s and curator’s notes across the four institutions, eventually making these paper files and notes available to the public. The 2-year, $400,000 grant will be administered by the University of California at Berkeley. These four institutions were chosen because their subjects overlap very closely. The Labadie Collection is a resource for the other three and performs a quasi-editing role through the preparation of finding aids that correspond loosely to the notes of the editing projects. The first phase of the project consists of transcribing thousands of the hand-written index cards of Agnes Inglis, the Labadie’s first curator (1923-1952). Read more about Inglis and her cards at <http://www.lib.umich.edu/news/agnes-inglis>. More information about the grant can be found here: <http://ecai.org/mellon2010/>.

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Last modified: 03/30/2011