Library Diversity Award

The annual Library Diversity Award is given to a library group or staff member who has advocated for diversity through their work at the library and/or in the local community.

photo of Patricia Anderson
2015 Winner: Patricia Anderson

2018: Monica Porter (Individual Award) and Digital Accessibility Team (Team Award)

2017: Erin Davis (Individual Award) and LIT Diversity Reading Club (Team Award)

2016: Marna Clowney-Robinson

2015: Patricia Anderson

2014: Gabriel Duque

2013: Martin Knott; special recognition: Paul Courant

2012: Shevon Desai

2011: Barbara MacAdam

2010: Fe Susan Go

2009: Helen Look

2008: Charles Ransom

2007: Anna Schnitzer

2006: Karen Downing

2005: Nita Patterson

2004: Kelly Webster

2003: Tim Retzloff

2002: Barbara Kolekamp, Scott Dennis

2001: LDC ex-officio members: Margo Crist, Lucy Cohen, Karen Downing, Bill Gosling, Brenda Johnson, Charles Ransom, Maurice Wheeler

2000: no record

1999: Hattie Summerhill

1998: Margaret Rowry

1997: Rosemary Whelan

1996: Barbara MacAdam, Carole N. Weber

1995: Deborah Heiden, Leif Backman, Joann Grantham

1994: BGALLA (now LILA), Ann Ridout

1993: Lucy Cohen, Elaine Jordan

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Last modified: 06/14/2018