Digital Projects Studio

Network diagram of arxiv authorsThe Digital Project Studio offers support for a wide range of visualization related activities and projects. We provide resources, consulting, instruction and support for small and large projects. We are located on the third floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library (3169).

We can offer guidance for static, dynamic, and interactive visualizations depending on the needs of your research and the audience it is intended for. We can also help with finding and manipulating diverse types of data as well as brainstorming and scoping projects. The library also provides a variety of additional services to support visualization activities on North and Central Campus and the Medical Campus. 

We have students and librarians available to help with visualization and related digital projects. We have office hours mid-day Friday. You can reserve an appointment on our calendar. You can also contact Justin Joque, the Visualization Librarian, for additional assistance or help outside of these hours.

We have a blog that serves as a space to share tutorials and troubleshooting for various approaches to digital data visualization. It is also meant to provide unique ideas for data utilization for researchers in a variety of fields. Our team members use existing data sets from various projects around the world to extend their use and/or test the possibilities of particular software to collect and manipulate data. The blog posts narrate the journeys of our researchers through these technologies, their possibilities and challenges.

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Last modified: 08/14/2018