Starting a Digital Collection

If you are interested in having your materials (digitized or not yet digitized) hosted by U-M Library in a digital collection, this is the place to start.

This workflow is for projects that originate from the University of Michigan Library print and archival collections and University of Michigan departmental collections, as well as off-campus collections.

Digital Content & Collections (DCC) and the Digital Conversion Unit (DCU) are here to help guide the digital collection from start to finish. Below are the resources we will use to guide you through this process. It is possible that not all of the resources will be necessary for your particular project.

Steps towards starting a digital collection

  1. Read the the Digital Project FAQ. This document is designed to help you answer questions posed in the Digital Project Proposal (DPP). This FAQ will help you tell us the plan and scope of your project. It also includes information about our digitization process at U-M Library.

    a. There is also a Legal Glossary that includes information on legal terminology.‚Äč
  2. Look at these flowcharts to learn more about the digital collection proposal process at the U-M Library.

  3. Fill out the Digital Project Proposal (DPP) (Word document).

  4. Email the filled-out DPP and a short summary of your project to

  5. The form and summary will be reviewed by staff in Digital Content & Collections (DCC), the Digital Conversion Unit (DCU), the U-M Library Copyright Office, and the Associate University Librarian (AUL) for Collections.

  6. Once the project is reviewed, we will contact you to set up an initial informational meeting, where we will discuss the project in more detail, and any questions that may have arisen during the review process. Staff from the Digital Content & Collections (DCC), the Library Copyright Office, and the Digital Conversion Unit (DCU) (as needed), will attend that meeting.

  7. Please bring a sample of the materials you want digitized to the meeting (if possible), as well as the permissions and rights documentation, acquisition agreements and general information about ownership you may have, as requested on the DPP.

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Last modified: 08/14/2018