Sample images from University of Michigan Library's Digital Collections.

Sample images from University of Michigan Library's Digital Collections.

Digital Library Platform & Services (DLPS)

Digital Library Platform & Services (DLPS) consists of 2 departments - Digital Library Applications (DLA) and Digital Content & Collections (DCC). Both departments are part of the Library Information Technology division.

The Digital Library Applications department is focused on the development of applications for management of and access to digital content held in library repositories. This includes applications for search and retrieval, display of content, creation and management of digital collections, and interoperability with other systems. DLA works closely with other LIT departments, especially Digital Content & Collections, to support multiple digital library initiatives.

The Digital Content & Collections department grows and maintains over 250 collections of images, texts, and more from libraries and museums across the campus and the region. The department is deeply involved in all discussions regarding the suitable, long-term preservation and appropriate access to our content, at the digital object level and at the repository level. DCC works closely with Digital Library Applications, in particular, in building and maintaining tools and services that enable preservation and access to the digital content and collections.

Together, we build our digital library.

Our digital collections:  

  • U-M Library Digital Collections: Delve into over 260 collections of images, texts, and more from libraries and museums across campus and the region.

  • Deep Blue: DLA has built the infrastructure for both the Deep Blue Documents and Deep Blue Data services. These repostisories contain the output of U-M’s rich intellectual community, and are regularly contributed to by faculty and researchers.

  • HathiTrust Digital Library: DCC has managed the process of scanning millions of volumes for deposit into the HathiTrust Digital Library, which provides search and discovery of over 14 million volumes.

Services we offer:

  • Digitize books and other materials: Our Digital Conversion Unit offers in-house and outsourced, preservation-quality digitization services and expertise; see our work in HathiTrust or find out about the Michigan Digitization Project.

  • Put a collection online: In DCC, we enable the appropriate path for digital content, including books and images, into our repositories, and provide access and ensure stability and longevity ( U-M Library Digital Collections for examples).

Expertise we have:

  • Develop digital library software: DLA builds, with others, stable, scalable, sustainable systems to serve the library and its partnerships; examples are HathiTrustDLXS, and Deep Blue.

  • Create digital preservation solutions: DCC and DLA are actively engaged in the process of defining, adopting, and carrying out best practices; we contributed to the definition of, for instance, HathiTrust’s Digital Preservation Policy.

  • Encode texts: DCC has a great deal of expertise which we are happy to share; the Text Creation Partnership and Making of America are great examples of our work in this area.

  • Support digital video: DCC helps to support the use of the campus-wide MiVideo solution.

Please send comments and questions to DLPS Help.

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