Photo of students using the Design Labs.

Design Labs


The Design Labs are a network of peer-learning environments dedicated to creative and interdisciplinary projects. With locations and student staff on North and Central Campus, the Design Labs foster communities for hands-on experimentation with new ideas and tools at every stage of a project, while capturing and sharing the creative process with others to inspire future work.

As part of the larger Library, the Labs serve as an entry point for the Library’s programs, facilitating connections and collaborations across the room and across campus. Emphasizing conversation over consultation, our staff strives for accessibility and approachability in helping you achieve your learning goals. With a focus on community participation and ownership of our spaces and programs, the Labs evolve with everyone who enters. Come say hello!

Visit Our Labs

Shapiro Lab

  • Central Campus
  • Shapiro Library
  • 1st Floor

Design Lab 1

  • North Campus
  • Duderstadt Center
  • 1st Floor

Design Lab 3

  • North Campus
  • Duderstadt Center
  • 3rd Floor

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Our staff has expertise in a variety of areas and would be happy to help you with a project. Click on the link below to schedule a consultation

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