Departmental Delivery Terms of Service

We deliver to verified departmental locations, such as mailrooms or reception areas. We do not deliver to individual offices.

To see your current delivery location, log into your ILLiad account. Change your delivery preference here

As with all library materials, responsibility for the books you request lies with you. Once your items have been delivered, it is up to you to keep them in good condition and return them on time.

Your materials will be held at the designated drop-off location until you pick them up. We do not return materials that have been neglected to have been picked up - responsibility for these materials remains yours until they have been checked back in.

If we have delivered an item to a departmental drop-off location like a reception desk and the item goes missing, the department will be held responsible for the item.

Please be courteous to ILL/U-M Library delivery staff. They are very busy conducting deliveries and are not equipped to handle returns. Therefore, we ask that you return your ILL/U-M Library materials to marked U-M Library drop-boxes or information services desks.

The daily delivery limit per person if five (5) items. If you request more than this number of items at one time, please keep in mind that they will arrive in sets of no more than five. Should you need to pick them up from the Hatcher Graduate Library North Information Services desk, or prioritize your delivery queue, please call 734-764-8584 to speak with a staff member.

Please pick up your materials shortly after they are delivered. If your mailbox is full, we cannot deliver materials until there is adequate space for them. Also, if an item is too large or heavy, the item will be made available for your pickup at Hatcher Graduate North Information Services desk.

If you do not see your department of campus building on the list of pre-approved drop-off locations, you may petition Document Delivery to include it. Please email with the following information:

  1. The building name and street address for your departmental building. We also need the room number of the delivery point (i.e. mail room, front desk, or reception area) for your department or unit, including all relevant information (e.g. suite, room number, etc.).
  2. Please confirm that a courier from our department would have access to this room during normal business hours, and that either mailboxes will be clearly visible or someone there will be willing to accept deliveries on your behalf.

After we are provided with this information, a delivery courier will check the location to see that it is easily accessible, has ample parking, and fits our needs. If it does, then we will set up a delivery point - if not, we will offer nearby established delivery locations. Priority will be given to those patrons with an active requests.

If you receive an email notification of delivery and have not received the physical request, please contact our office within 7 days of receiving the email. After 7 days, you will be held responsible for the item.

Departmental Delivery may be delayed during windchill advisories and other hazardous weather.


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Last modified: 08/27/2018