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Online, fully cross-searchable and browsable collection of over 3,900 World Bank documents. The collection consists of over 1,600 World Bank publications and over 2,300 Policy Research Working Papers, plus each new book and paper as they are published. You can browse the e-Library by region: Africa, East Asia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Latin America, and Middle East - North Africa. Topics covered in the e-library include Topics in the e-Library include: Agriculture and Rural Development; Banking, Finance, and Investment; Business Procurement; Commodities, Pricing, and Trade; Current Affairs; Data Publication; Development Economics; Economics (General); Education and Training; Energy, Industry, and Mining; Environment and Pollution Prevention; Gender; Globalization; Governance, Civil Society, and Participation; Health, Nutrition, and Population; Infrastructure, Transport, and Urban Development; Labor and Income; Legal and Judicial Issues; Poverty; Private Sector; Public Policy; Social and Cultural Issues; Technology and Telecommunications; Water Supply and Sanitation; World Bank

Coverage varies. World Development Report 1978- .
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