Waterloo Directory of English Periodicals and Newspapers, 1800-1900


The Waterloo Directory of English Periodicals and Newspapers, 1800-1900 provides the most comprehensive information currently available about 73,000 19th-century periodicals, including locations, publishers, editors, contributors, circulation, frequency, subjects covered, etc.

Note: the Waterloo Directory offers information about periodicals, but it is not an index of articles. To find articles in 19th-century periodicals, try the Wellesley Index, 19th-Century Masterfile, Periodicals Index Online, or 19th Century British Library Newspapers.

The Waterloo Directory includes the pertinent holdings of the Cambridge University Libraries, the University of London Libraries, the British Library's three branches (the main Euston Road branch, the Colindale Newspaper Branch and Boston Spa Yorkshire Documents Lending Branch), and such specialized London repositories as the Royal Society Library, Wellcome Medical Library, and the Royal Institute of British Architects. All the nineteenth century English titles in NEWSPLAN are included, usually in much greater detail. The Directory also contains data from some 8,000 secondary sources which together provide scholarly commentary on the majority of entries.

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