University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, Amphibian and Reptile Audio Files

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Amphibian and Reptile Audio Files

The research collection of the University of Michigan, Museum of Zoology, Division of Reptiles and Amphibians is worldwide in scope and as of the annual report 2006-07 contains 238,000 catalogued lots representing 428,517 individual specimens (1,064 genera and 5,266 species) of which 13,516 are skeletons. This includes 470 Primary Type specimens (representing 422 taxa) and 5,450 Paratypes (representing 783 taxa). The growth over the last ten years has been nearly 2000 - 4000 specimens per year. The auxiliary research collections contain 2,145 radiographs, 7,303 kodachrome slides, 6,115 frozen tissue samples, 129 digital audio files, and 469 digital images (representing 193 primary types).

This is part of the Flora and Fauna of the Great Lakes Region: A Multimedia Digital Collection.

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