Twentieth-Century American Poetry (Chadwyck-Healey version)

Alternative Titles
Twentieth-Century American Poetry (DLPS version)
Database of Twentieth Century American Poetry (Chadwyck-Healey version)
Database of Twentieth Century American Poetry (DLPS version)
20th Century American Poetry (Chadwyck-Healey version)
20th Century American Poetry (DLPS version)

Twentieth-Century American Poetry is an unprecedented collection of poetry which allows readers a unique survey of the movements, schools and distinctive voices of modern and contemporary American poetry. With the collaboration of America's leading poetry publishers, the collection brings together 50,000 poems by over 300 poets. The major works of the modernist period – the brittle imagist lyrics of Ezra Pound, H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) and William Carlos Williams, the playful and abstract masterpieces of Wallace Stevens and e.e. cummings, the symbolist cityscapes of Hart Crane – can be read alongside contemporary works such as the Whitmanesque prophetic verse of Robinson Jeffers and the Romantic lyrics of Elinor Wylie and Edna St Vincent Millay. Major movements of the century are represented, including the Black Mountain school of Charles Olson and Robert Duncan, the Deep Image poetry of Robert Bly and James Wright, underground literature by the Beat poets, the influential feminist works of Adrienne Rich, and the works by the confessional poets. Selected major African American writers such as Jean Toomer, Langston Hughes and Imamu Amiri Baraka are included; however, much more comprehensive coverage is given in the complementary Chadwyck-Healey collection Twentieth-Century African American Poetry. Many contemporary writers of the 1980s and 1990s are also included, such as Sharon Olds, Louise Glück, Joy Harjo and Thomas Lynch. In addition, Twentieth-Century American Poetry also features two highly distinguished poetry series – the Yale Series of Young Poets and the University of Pittsburgh's Pitt Poetry Series. Full details of works included in the collection are given in the bibliography.

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