Times of India, 1861-2006

Alternative Titles
Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce (1839-1859), Bombay Times and Standard (1860-1861)
ProQuest Historical Newspapers, PQHN

Full-text searchable access. Part of the Historical Newspapers product. The world’s most widely circulated English daily newspaper was founded in 1838 to serve British residents of West India. Today this historical newspaper serves researchers interested in studying colonialism and post-colonialism, British and world history, class and gender issues, international relations, comparative religion, international economics, terrorism, and more. In its pages, The Times of India illuminates key historical events such as the Sepoy Mutiny, which lead to British rule in India; the formation of the Indian National Congress; and the rise of Gandhi’s civil disobedience movement. It captures the 1947 partitioning of India and Pakistan, the war over the Kashmir region, and the creation of Bangladesh. It reports on the assassinations of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi; the Bhopal industrial disaster, which resulted in thousands of deaths; and the rise of Pakistan as a nuclear power. And, it provides coverage of sports, the Indian film industry, and other stories of everyday life.

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1861 - 2006. Includes complete full text of every issue from the first (November 3, 1838) through the December 31st issue of 9 years ago. (One year of additional content from 9 years ago is added annually.)
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