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Sysomos MAP is a social media search engine that contains analytics for twitter, facebook, youtube as well as blogs and news websites. Search for tweets or posts by demographic group or geography. Analyze content sentiment and create basic visualizations of social media data.

We pay for 2 seats in Sysomos, one that you can use immediately (click the Go To Database button to give it a try) but please note that you may find yourself booted out of the system if another University of Michigan researcher logs in to this seat at the same time.

The other seat is available by reservation for uninterrupted access. If you would like to schedule a reservation please fill out this form. A librarians will contact you to schedule your access time. If you have any questions please contact 

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Rolling coverage dates. Twitter coverage is the previous 12 months. For the other social media platforms coverage goes back the previous 24 months.
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