Scottish Women Poets

Alternative Titles
Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Scottish Women Poets contains full text of some 60 volumes of poetry from approximately 50 poets such as Agnes Lyon, Carolina Oliphant, Catherine Ward, Dorothea Primrose Campbell, Frances Chadwick, Margaretta Wedderburn, Jessie Stewart. Also included are bio-biographical sketches of most authors, a bibliography of essays and critical works, and a guide to web resources. Other content includes: 

  • A critical introduction establishing the critical and historical context for the poetry in this archive.
  • A bibliographical introduction and a general bibliography.
  • A bibliographical essay about the primary and secondary texts and criticism pertaining to Scottish women poets in this period, including links to Web resources where available.
  • Selected secondary critical essays and reviews by major scholars such as Catherine Burroughs, Stephen Behrendt, Kari Lokke, Dorothy MacMillan, Donna Landry, Bridget Keegan, and Adriana Craciun.


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1781 - 1905
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