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Brill Prize Papers, Brill Online Primary Sources, Prize Papers Online 1, Prize Papers Online 2

The Prize Papers Online is a collection of intercepted documents from ships seized by British privateers, including crew interrogations and cargo inventories. The original documents are held in the National Archives of the United Kingdom, among the papers of the High Court of the Admiralty (HCA). The digitized edition of this collection is comprised of 4 parts, spanning the period from 1592 to 1855, with the majority of papers covering 1655-1817. The papers represent seized ships of 15 nationalities and are written in as many languages. The interrogation records were generated during an intense period of maritime warfare, fought largely by merchant ships and privateers. Together they comprise a thorough record of global sea trade for the period covered.

Part 1: American Revolutionary War and Fourth Anglo-Dutch WarThis collection contains approximately 7,000 interrogations of members of the crews of ships seized by British privateers during the period from 1775-1784. The hand-written interrogations are included in their entirety with accompanying searchable details, including date of seizing, description of cargo, authorized origin and destination, name of privateer vessel, interrogated person, and place of interrogation. 

Part 2: Seven Years' War and War of the Austrian Succession: Prize Papers Online 2 contains approximately 6,000 interrogations of members of the crews of ships taken during the War of the Austrian Succession and Seven Years’ War (ca. 1739-1763).

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