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This "featured collection" in the HathiTrust Digital Library makes it possible to search the full text of most of the print books in the Hatcher Graduate Library's Reference Collection (about 7,500 works in about 15,000 print volumes), including most of the books shelved in the Reference Reading Room on the second floor. 

For the 20% of materials covered that are in the public domain, the full text of the reference work can be viewed online.  The other 80% of works covered that remain in copyright are "Search Only," meaning that the full text cannot be viewed online, but search results indicate on which page(s) of the volume a match with the search terms occurs, so one can then retrieve the print volume and know to what page(s) to turn to locate the search terms in the printed text. 

Note:  No reference works published since 2010 are covered by this index.  Neither are reference works that the library has acquired only in online form.  This is an index to print reference works only.


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Selected print reference books published between 1850 and 2009.
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