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Newspaper Archive: Academic Library Edition is a database of mainly English-language historical newspapers starting from 1607 and going to the present.  The database consists of digital images of original newspaper pages scanned from microfilm, which have been processed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to permit searching by keyword.  The quality of the scanned images, and hence the accuracy of the keyword searching, varies widely.

The largest number of holdings is from 1880-2010 and is mainly from the United States, Canada, England, and Ireland, although there are some newspapers from other countries in other languages.  More information about the holdings is at  

Please note:  The holdings will list broad ranges of dates but does not necessarily contain all the issues in that time period.  For instance, it lists the holding for Chicago’s News Journal as 1923-1977, yet has no issues from 1929 to 1968.  Use the Browse tab to find more precise holdings information for specific titles.

To limit results to a particular state in America, you must first choose the United States as a country, and then the state you would like to search.

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