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News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive offers digital access to the archival runs of 15 20th/21st-century consumer magazines covering such fields as the history of politics, current events, public policy, and international relations. Each title has a deep backfile--the earliest content dates from 1918--and every issue from the first through to recent times is scanned from cover to cover in full color. Central to this collection is the archive of Newsweek, one of the 20th century's most prominent, highest circulating general interest magazines.

In combination, these publications provide rich access to contemporary responses to the key events, trends, and preoccupations of the period, from a range of perspectives. In addition to the representation of various political and religious orientations, the collection is international in scope. The range of subject areas served by this collection is broad; in addition to conspicuous subjects such as modern history, politics, economics, and law, the content extends into numerous other research areas, including women's studies (women in politics, women's rights), ethnic studies (international development, diplomacy, sustainability), media history (communications, journalism), and many others.

Full title list:

Americas (1949-2012)
Church & State (1948-2015)
Common Cause Magazine (1980-1996)
Dollars & Sense (1977-2015)
Europe (1954-2002)
Fellowship (1935-2016)
In These Times (1976-2015)
NATO Review (1953-2001)
New Internationalist (1973-2013)
Newsweek (1933-2012)
State Legislatures (1975-2015)
UN Chronicle (1964-2015)
The UNESCO Courier (1948-2001)
Whole Earth (1974-2002)
The World Tomorrow (1918-1934)

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