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NBC's Meet the Press is broadcast-television's longest-running program, with interviews, panels and debates from across the political spectrum.  Upon completion, the collection will Include every surviving program  from the show’s inception in 1947 through the end of 2013, roughly 1,600 hours of programming. (Roughly 500 hours are no longer extant.)

Notable programs include

  • Jackie Robinson's appearance in 1957 to discuss Civil Rights and his NAACP involvement
  • Fidel Castro's appearance in 1959
  • several appearances by Indira Gandhi
  • Colin Powell's 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama for US president

All programs can be watched in streaming format.  The Meet the Press database is fully searchable.  All programs are provided with running transcripts.  Programs and clips can be saved to a playlist and shared with others in the U. of Michigan community.

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