Littérature de l’Océan Indien

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Corpus de la littérature francophone de l'Océan Indien
This Corpus gives access, as completely as possible, to the whole of Francophone written and oral literature from the Indian Ocean, from the origins (18th century) to Independence (1960, or death of authors). The literary production of the countries of the Indian Ocean was considerable as early as the 18th century in Reunion Island and Mauritius, and the 20th century was particularly rich for Madagascan literature. In the 18th and 19th centuries a number of these works were published on local printing presses by local editors and their distribution was limited. Some editions are now known only by rare copies in a few libraries, in private collections or in family archives in the native country. The oral literature of the Indian Ocean was collected by intellectuals or by religious communities. It is to be found in specialized volumes or dispersed in didactic works (dictionaries, grammars, anthologies) from which we have extracted this literary heritage, which is both popular and scholarly, often very ancient.
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