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Going Global, goinglobal.com, GG
H-1B Plus database, H1B Visa Plus

Provides world-wide job openings, internship listings, industry profiles and country-specific career information designed to help citizens of one country find employment in another country (including the U.S.). More than 30,000 pages of constantly-updated content is included on topics such as: work permit/visa regulations, resume writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, cultural/interviewing advice, corporate profiles and worldwide job listings.

Includes a directory of U.S. employers who hire holders of H-1B Visas, the most common non-immigrant category for university graduates who wish to work in the U.S. in their field, and GoinGlobal's H1-B Plus database containing approximately 500,000 records of companies that applied for H-1B visas in the prior year. This information is gathered directly from Department of Labor (DOL) records, which is the government agency responsible for all H-1B submissions. 

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