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Gale Databases: MeL
Combined search of 17 databases from Gale provided to all public libraries statewide by the Michigan e-Library (MeL), including Academic OneFile, Business & Company ASAP, Computer Database, Educators Reference Complete, General BusinessFile ASAP, General OneFile, Health Reference Center Academic, Informe, InfoTrac Custom Newspapers, LegalTrac, etc. Provides ability to limit searching to sets of full text articles in 24 different interdisciplinary subject areas, including Diversity Studies, Environmental Studies and Policy, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine, Pop Culture, War & Terrorism, etc. Also provides links to 8 additional Gale databases provided by MeL, including Business & Company Resource Center, Chilton Library, Health & Wellness Resource Center, etc.
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Authorized for UM users + guests provided by the Michigan eLibrary (MeL)Authorized for UM users + guests provided by the Michigan eLibrary (MeL)
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