Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing

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Sage Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing
Sports Management and Marketing

"In order to best prepare students to enter the sport industry, the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) lists seven Common Professional Component (CPC) topical areas that need to be covered within the content of a sport management degree program. The CPC areas include: social, psychological and international foundations of sport; management, including sport leadership, operations/venue/event management, and sport governance; ethics in sport management; sport marketing; finance, accounting, and economics; legal aspects of sport; and an integrative experience such as an internship or other capstone experience....This encyclopedia offers academic support to the accreditation topical areas. This resource provides approximately 834 original articles to provide business-themed definitions and sport-specific examples to illustrate and explain the academic sport management context." -- Introduction, "Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing"

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