Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance

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Careers and Vocational Guidance

Provides detailed facts and current statistics for over 750 occupations in more than 90 key career fields. Contains more than 500 photographs.  This is the 15th edition of this 5 volume encyclopedia.

Volume 1 covers career guidance and career fields and includes topics such as:  Preparing for Your Career—presents information on choosing a career, starting a career, assessment tests, personal skills, occupational classification systems, training for job entry, and career development; Finding a Job—covers information on placement offices, job fairs, networking and references, searching the Web, and classified ads; Applying for a Job—gives information on résumés, cover letters, career portfolios and credentials, and interviewing; You're Hired—features information on salary and wages, fringe benefits, personnel management, employment laws, and employees' rights; an overview of the 94 industries covered, including in-depth information on computer software, construction, entrepreneurs, military services, telecommunications, trucking, and more; four sections covering the background, structure, and outlook of each career field; and additional resources for further investigation.

Volumes 2-5 contain articles on individual careers.  Each article/profile includes: Quick Facts—summarizes important facts; Overview—briefly defines the occupation; History—provides background on how the occupation developed; Job Description—offers an in-depth description of the types of specific jobs in the field; Job Requirements—discusses any necessary training or education; Exploring—suggests various ways to further explore the field; Employers—looks at who hires people in the industry; Starting Out—suggests where to look for employment; Advancement—tells how people can move up the ladder; Earnings—gives current salaries and wages; Work Environment—describes the work setting; Outlook—looks at the future growth of the career based on U.S. government projections; For More Information—presents a list of helpful organizations that can provide further information.

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