ECAR Reports (Educause)

Alternative Titles
Educause Center for Analysis and Research Reports
Educause Learning Initiatives (ELI)

UM active faculty, students and staff can access Educause subscription-only content by making a personal account, in which you identify yourself as an affiliate of the University of Michigan.  Select the login tab from the upper-right corner of the Educause website and create a personal profile.  Within a few hours, Educause will respond by email with your personal login password.  Log in again, and navigate to the ECAR Research Publications or ELI Reports.

The Educause Library is an international repository for information on the use and management of information technology in higher education.  Educause publications include reports, briefs, books, papers and articles.  In addition, Educause hosts conferences and discussions, blogs and webcasts, on IT in higher education.

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