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Ebook Central, EBC ebrary, ebrary Academic Complete, ebrary Public Library Complete, ebrary e-Libro Ebook Library, EBL University Press Ebook Subscription

The ProQuest Ebook Central platform combines ebook content from several other ProQuest ebook platforms, into a single interface.  The content includes ebooks previously hosted on the ebrary  EBL platforms for a total of nearly 200,000 ebooks.

Most of the books are in English, but there are nearly 20,000 titles in Spanish, and smaller numbers in other languages.

The content covers the full range of subjects from a variety of university presses, trade publishers, and popular presses.  New content is added regularly.


Laptop/Desktop Computers:  You will need Adobe Digital Editions to download ebooks to your laptop or desktop. This free software is different from Adobe Reader.  A free Adobe ID is also required to transfer the ebook to another device. It is NOT required to read ebooks on a laptop or desktop computer.

Mobile Access:  You  use Bluefire. To download the Bluefire app visit the App Store  or Google Play.

Printing/Downloading:  Printing and downloading from most of these books is limited to a maximum of "up to 60 pages" per book, or less--the page number limit for printing and downloading varies from book to book, and may be as low as 10 pages. For information on whether or not a book is downloadable and how many pages are available for copying and/or printing, look at the individual ebook's detail page.

Accessibility Mode:  For users with accessibility issues, Ebook Central supports Accessibility Mode.  The Accessibility Mode page describes how to turn on Accessibility mode and how the operations change when you use Accessibility mode.  For information on Accessibility Mode go to: and search for Ebook Central: Accessibility Mode.

Accessibility Mode is supported on Laptops and Desktops only (not tablets or phones)
Targeting AA conformance and certifying on the following screen readers:

JAWS on IE11 (latest version)
VoiceOver on Safari (latest version)

Enabling the Screen Reader for the Visually Impaired:  The QuickView reader display does not include documents text that can be read by screen readers (such as JAWS). This is true even if you have selected accessibility mode.  To enable the screen reader access for QuickView, the library needs to request access on your behalf.  If you need access for a screen reader, please contact Pam MacKintosh (  She will contact ProQuest to request screen reader access for you. After ProQuest support staff has modified your account, log in with your user name.  When you choose to display a document in QuickView, the document content becomes available to the screen reader and can be traversed with the screen reader commands you are accustomed to.

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