Digital Scholar Lab


The Digital Scholar Lab is a cloud-based research environment which allows users to apply natural language processing tools to raw text data (OCR) across all of the Gale Primary Source archives the library holds.

With Gale’s Digital Scholar Lab, users can

  • Search and create robust content/data sets from across the library’s Gale Primary Sources
  • Employ analysis and visualization tools on large data sets
  • Download and share visualizations and statistical data

The Digital Scholar Lab gives users the ability to create custom content sets containing as many as 10,000 documents. Users can search across the library’s Gale Primary Sources holdings and seamlessly select documents to be added to their custom content set.

Users can analyze and interrogate the data with the text analysis and visualization tools built into the Digital Scholar Lab. Six commonly used text mining methodologies are included: Named Entity Recognition, Topic Modelling, Sentiment Analysis, Parts of Speech, Ngrams, and Clustering.

Users’ content sets remained saved in the Digital Scholar Lab, thereby facilitating long-term projects. Users are free to share their analysis outputs and can publish their outputs with confidence, retaining all intellectual property rights.

​Please note that users are required to create a personal account using either a Google or Microsoft email account.

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