Correspondence from German Concentration Camps and Prisons, 1936-1945

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Archives Unbound

This digital archive consists of 5,747 images of items originating from prisoners held in German concentration camps, internment and transit camps, Gestapo prisons, and POW camps, during and just prior to World War II. Most of the collection consists of letters written or received by prisoners, but also includes receipts for parcels, money orders and personal effects; paper currency; and realia, including Star of David badges that Jews were forced to wear.

This collection comprises several subsets, including:

  • Concentration Camps Correspondence, 1936-1945
  • Internment and Transit Camps Correspondence, 1940-1944,
  • Gestapo Prisons Correspondence, 1942-1943
  • Prisoner of War (POW) Correspondence, 1940-1945
  • Receipts for Parcels, Money Orders and Personal Effects, 1940-[ca. 1945]
  • Paper Currency, 1940-1945
  • Realia, [ca. 1939-1945]

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