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Climate Wire, CW, E&E, E & E News

Designed to bring readers comprehensive coverage of the debate over climate policy and its effects on business, the environment and society. Updated daily at 8:00am, ClimateWire covers in-depth the key issues that surround the debate over climate change, including:

  • Federal agency programs, legislation, policies and funding
  • State program development and implementation
  • Kyoto implementation
  • Post-Kyoto negotiations and nation-state positioning
  • International agency activities
  • Carbon market development
  • Alternative energy research and deployment
  • Financial community investment decisions
  • Corporate/multi-national response to climate concerns
  • Positions and lobbying by stakeholder groups
  • Consequences and lessons learned from GHG-reduction efforts
  • Latest science research and technology developments
  • Effects on water resources, species, ecosystems and agriculture
  • Trends and effects for traditional and non-traditional fossil fuel resources
  • Consequences for electric utilities
  • Economic effects
  • Costs to consumers

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