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Chronicle of Higher Ed, CHE, CHEDE,
Chronicle Review, Almanac of Higher Education

Online edition of the U.S.'s major news source for higher education.  Includes text of every news article and essay from all weekly print issues published since September 1989, supplemented with all daily website-only updates and new-media extras such as slide shows, podcosts, and videos published since  May 1998.  Also includes blogs, job postings, The Chronicle Review weekly magazine and complete data from the annual Almanac of Higher Education since 1995, including demographics, enrollment, staff salaries, tuition fees, test scores, and more state by state, with additional sections for:  Administrator Data, including pay and benefits of presidents; Financial & Institutional Data, including gifts and endowments, statistics on crime, graduation rates, degrees conferred, and Congressional earmarks for higher education; Faculty Data, including salaries, race and ethnicity, and scholarly productivity; and Student Data, including characteristics, enrollment, financial aid, foreign students, and test scores.

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September 1989 - present. Updated daily, throughout the day. (For online access to full text of articles from January 1988 - August 1989, use link to ProQuest version below.)
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