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"[Searchable database of over] 300,000 [art] images from 2,000 sources, 8,000 locations and 30,000 artists. The site offers an excellent quality of image and metadata (captions and keywords) as well as the legal right to use the images within your institution. Search all media including photography, fine art, engravings, sculpture, architecture, archaeology & ethnography, history, science & medicine, decorative arts and artifacts."--About us.

1,600 museums,galleries,institutions and private collections over 8,000 geographical locations 30,000 artists 3,000 frescoes 1800 oils 32,000 engravings, lithographs & prints 7,000 manuscripts 22600 ceramics 17,000 photographs 11,000 sculpture 16,000 images of architecture 18,000 images of landscapes & topography 28,000 portraits 6,000 designs & patterns 2,100 images of jewellery & gemstones
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