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Alternative Titles
Brepols Online Books - Medieval Miscellanea Collection
Brepols Periodica Online - Journals online

Contains two products.

(1) Brepols Online Books - Medieval Miscellanea Collection.  E-book versions of collected essays in medieval studies published by Brepols, 1998-present. As of 2011, approximately 300 miscellany volumes with 5,200 articles have been collected. Collection will grow annually by approximately 50 e-books, with each chapter being indexed and searchable. Articles stand on their own, and so can be read without the rest of the collection, although searching at the book-level also is possible. Digitized works include thematic collections, symposia, Festschriften, and exhibition catalogs. Geographic scope is Europe and surrounding areas, and span the time period of 330-1563 CE. Subjects covered include: archaeology (3%), art and architecture (7%), cultural studies (11%), history of music (2%), history of science (2%), language and literature (17%), manuscript studies (3%), Medieval Studies (General) (9%), philosophy (12%), religion (20%), and social and economic history (14%). At least two-thirds of the content is in English. All content is indexed in the International Medieval Bibliography (IMB).

(2) Brepols Periodica Online - Journals online. Offers more than 12,000 journal articles for material published in 2006 or earlier spanning fields such as Egyptology, classical studies, philosophy, medieval studies, and literature. NOTE: MLibrary subscribes to selected e-journal content.

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