Bibliography of the History of Art

Alternative Titles
Bibliographie d'histoire de l'art, BHA
RĂ©pertoire de la litterature de l'art, RILA

The name BHA has been used informally to refer to a group of databases: RAA, RILA, BHA, and IBA. The data available on the Getty Web site comprises two of these databases: BHA and RILA. BHA (Bibliography of the History of Art/Bibliographie d'histoire de l'art) covers the years 1990-2007; the Getty Web version includes all records with abstracts in French or English and all subject terms in French and English.  RILA (Répertoire de la litterature de l'art) covers 1975-1989.  At present, the Getty has no plans to add RAA (Répertoire d'art et d'archéologie), which covers 1973-1989.  IBA (International Bibliography of Art), covering 2008 to the present, is a separate subscription-only database from ProQuest that is not included on this free website provided by Getty.

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1975 - 2007
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