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News portal providing various content drawn from global media:

NEWS ALERTS provide key developments on major stories, as they happen, based on media reports from around the world.

REPORTS provide detailed reporting (in translation, including important speeches and statements) from the world’s media as it happens, giving you timely information on and reaction to a single story.

ROUND-UPS provide regular overviews of key reports on a particular country, region or theme.

INSIGHTS surface BBC Monitoring’s expertise (based in a deep understanding of local media and cultural landscapes) and early warning capability derived from constant watch of open-source media. They are aimed at highlighting new trends to enrich your understanding of key issues and provide early warning on emerging trends/threats.

REFERENCE provides facts about media sources, people and organisations, including biographies, guides to international media environments and key organisations.

PROGRAMME SUMMARIES provide comprehensive summaries of television and radio programmes, with detailed timeline and key topics covered. You can choose whether to see these in your profile.

Monitors global media from 100 countries and in 150 languages.

Specialisms include geopolitics, terrorism and propaganda.

Coverage: 1996 to present (Advanced Search)

Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia & Oceania and Americas


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