Atlanta Constitution 1868-1984

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As the only major daily newspaper in the Atlanta area, The Atlanta Constitution provides a fascinating glimpse into the political, economic, cultural, and social life of the southeastern United States from Reconstruction through the late 20th century. Via ProQuest® Historical Newspapers™, researchers can explore the paper’s perspective on local events of major international significance, from post-Civil War Reconstruction, to the first taste of Coca Cola in 1886, to the Race Riots of 1907, the Civil Rights sit-ins of the 1960s, and the election of the first black mayor in 1973.

Vital for research into topics such as: History: • Post-Civil War reconstruction • The voting rights of slaves • Civil Rights Movement • Racial desegregation Business: • Industrial and economic development in the New South • The history of the Coca Cola Company • The rise of the city as a convention center Literature and Culture: • The origin of Uncle Remus stories • Launch of CNN • The premiere of “Gone with the Wind”

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